Right expression is the key for getting the right result. Drafting of any document needs a great care, knowledge, and experience. A thoughtful and well-crafted document builds the foundation of any business relation and goal. Legal drafting such as patent drafting, agreement drafting, suit drafting, and professional email drafting are those that requires great knowledge, experience, and critical reviews at every stage.


In this course we take you through the patent specification drafting, agreement drafting, legal suit drafting and reviewing process. After you have completed the course, you should have a good understanding on how such drafting is done and more importantly how you can draft these critical legal documents. This course walks you through various steps and formats and what you need to keep in mind during drafting a patent specification and legal suit. This programme provides the exact steps, techniques and strategies involved, from the point of understanding the legal requirements, till the point of drafting the right document in right expression.


This course module is designed to equip IP and legal Professionals and individual inventors, business owners to understand all intricacies of drafting legal documents especially patent specification, agreement, suits, and professional emails.


This course also provides anatomy of legal drafting and live practice session for drafting various legal documentation. These 4-8 hours courses are designed to create more and more IP Task Force Professionals.

The module covers:

  • Laws for Drafting
  • Requirements for Drafting
  • Anatomy of Drafting
  • Rules of Drafting
  • Techniques of Drafting
  • Examples of Drafting
  • Practical Session
  • Best Practices

Take Away:

  • Techniques of legal drafting
  • Handling Mantra
  • Certificate

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