IP Task Force

Today knowledge has power which can controls access to opportunity and advancement. With the knowledge of creation, protection, enforcement, and monetization of intellect, the human mind can do wonders.

In this technology era, there are tremendous opportunities for intellectual property professionals for assisting human mind at various stages of journey of innovation. The right kind of IP professional can be a game changer for this competitive business environment.

Our IP Task Force course module is designed to create right kind of IP professionals that can boost the facilitation of intellectual property domain. These 4-6 weeks courses are designed to create more and more IP Task Force specifically from science graduates, engineers, technologists, CAs, CSs, Advocates, scientists, research scholars, etc.

The Module covers:

  • Reason for Innovation
  • Journey of Innovation
  • History of IP
  • Laws of IP
  • Drafting and Searches
  • Filing and Prosecution of IP
  • Infringement and Litigation
  • Technology Transfer Process
  • IP agreements
  • Best Practices

Take Away:

  • Practical approach of IP Professional’s Job
  • Case Studies
  • Handling Mantra

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