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Introductory Session - March 2, 2024
Time: 4:00 - 5:30PM


The journey to success of startups is not straightforward. On average, startups in India take around three to five years in struggling for existence, five to eight years in dominance and eight to twelve years to go public. A significant statistic is that approximately 80% of startups in India do not survive beyond five years. During the initial years, many rely on funding from friends and family, and it’s typically around the sixth to eight years of operation that they start receiving venture capital backing.


Indian startups aiming for success and growth should embark on a journey marked by a series of strategic steps. The steps of transforming an idea into a ‘Gold Standard’ in a tech business typically involve several key stages. Each stage is crucial in developing a successful tech product or service.


In this module, we navigate the transformative journey of innovation, emphasizing the strategic utilization and management of Intellectual Property (IP) for entrepreneurs. By the conclusion of this module, entrepreneurs will possess a solid understanding of innovation’s lifecycle and its critical impact on achieving business success. We meticulously outline the essential steps, techniques, and strategies from the initial ideation phase to the monetization of innovation.


This module is specifically designed for entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, including those who are just starting out, as well as established business owners looking to innovate within their companies. Whether you’re an inventor, a decision-maker in a startup, or a business owner eager to navigate the complexities of IP management, this module offers the insights and tools needed to transform your innovative ideas into market-leading products and services. Through this course, entrepreneurs will learn to harness the power of innovation, ensuring their ventures not only thrive but also set new benchmarks in their industries.

Who should attend this Course

This course is ideally suited for a wide array of participants who are directly involved in the innovation process or are looking to harness the power of innovation within their businesses. This includes:

This course is especially beneficial for those who are directly responsible for the creation, development, and commercialization of new products or services, as well as those who play a key role in the strategic management of innovation within their organizations.

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