IP Booster

Change, being the only constant, should come naturally to a growth-oriented business entity. This stands equally true for Intellectual Property (IP), where to realize and redeem the investment in an innovation, a perfect balance is needed during its generation, protection, enforcement, and exploitation.


If the business owner is not aware of his own creation and its protection, enforcement and monetization, a change cannot happen. To sustain in long run in a competitive business environment, awareness about IP Rights and its uses is the best “Success Mantra”.


This 5-6 hrs course is designed to boost the intellectual property knowledge among CEOs, business owners, directors, and top executives that will automatically convert opportunity into reality.

The module covers:

  • Reason for Innovation
  • Journey of Innovation
  • IP risks and ramifications
  • IP for competitive edge
  • IP implementation
  • IP agreements
  • Doing business with IP
  • Best Practices

Take Away:

  • Company having IP Story
  • Case studies
  • Success Mantra

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