IP Filings

It is a well acknowledged fact that ‘IP’ adds value to any entity. Quantum of this value in turn is dependent on several factors. IP Filing is also one of the critical factors in quantifying the value of IP.


This course module is designed to equip IP Professionals and individual inventors to understand all intricacies while filing an IP and on other hand simplify the process of filings, laws, forms, documentations, timeline, etc. at local, international, and foreign jurisdiction.
This course also provides live demo and checklist for filing various IP at local office. These 4-8 hours courses are designed to create more and more IP Task Force Professionals.

The module covers:

  • Reason for Filing IP
  • Flowchart of IP Filing
  • IP Timeline
  • IP Forms & Checklist
  • Requirements for Filing
  • Online Demo
  • Best Practices

Take Away:

  • Practical approach of IP Professional’s Job
  • Handling Mantra
  • Certificate

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