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Date: 18 Feb 2021
Day: Thursday
Time: 04:00 - 06:00 PM


Creativity is valued most when it is ‘ORIGINAL’. Knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes, creativities end up being a sheer case of ‘Reinventing the wheel’. This may be due to many reasons like, unawareness, misplaced objectives, or unplanned R&D activities. Though mind is the basic ingredient of innovation process, the genuine mind to machine effort is not reflected most of the time in the process or product outcome. Indeed, many entrepreneurs and start-ups just failed because of non-utilization and mismanagement of mind to machine effort.


Innovation and its utilization of fullest should come naturally to a growth-oriented business entity. Identification of such key aspects of IP utilization and management is key to success in competitive business environment. Innovation is the real essence of a successful business, but we seldom identify and realize the same at their generation and protection stage and hence often stay behind in the process of its enforcement and monetization.

In this session, we take you through the journey of innovation and the ways of utilization and management of Intellectual Property. After this session, you may expect to have a fair knowledge about the stage of innovation and its role in successful implementation in business environment. This discussion provides the exact steps, techniques and strategies involved, from the point of generation, till the point of monetization of innovation.

This session is designed for individual entrepreneurs, start-ups, inventors, business owners, decision makers, professors, scientists, managers, students, R&D staffs, and researchers.

Who should attend this Course?

Anyone who is interested in learning about IP and journey of innovation can attend the webinar, but the following groups of people would be benefited the most:

What are the pre-requisites?

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Our Faculties

Shruti Kaushik

IP Attorney

Lalit Ambastha

IP Attorney

Naveen Coomar

Strategy Leader

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