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Patent Agent exam. Course - Week 1

Since ages, knowledge has proven over and again the power which can harness opportunity and advancement for betterment of human race in more than one way. In modern times, it is with the knowledge of creation, protection, enforcement, and monetization of intellect, the human mind can do wonders. In this technology dominant era, there are tremendous opportunities for intellectual property professionals for assisting human mind at various stages of journey of innovation. A potential IP professional can be a game changer for this competitive business environment. Profession in IP is gradually becoming one of the most lucrative options.


For those who find interest in emerging technologies and development, a Patent Agent’s job is one of the opportunities to be in. An IP professional utilizes his/her entire practical and theoretical knowledge of Science and Technology at one place. Generally, patent agents facilitate the journey of innovation, as they are crucial bridge between inventors and Patent Office. As the protection procedure involves legal aspects too, a Patent Agent must have techno-legal mindset that help the innovators to secure patents in related technical domain. The job of patent agent is to prepare, draft, file, and prosecute the patent applications before the Patent Office.


Patent agents need to have specialized knowledge in the scientific or engineering area in which they work. Generally, patent agents are desired to have scientific aptitude and technical background such as engineering, life-sciences, computer sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, or pharmaceutical. To practice as Patent Agent in India, one must qualify a special exam conducted by the Indian Patent Office and for becoming a patent attorney, candidate must pass bar exam along with the Patent Agent Examination. Patent agents are not necessarily attorneys and patent agents who are not attorneys cannot practice legal matters such as rendering legal opinion on IP litigation matters, patent litigation before the Hon’ble courts.

Course Objective

This patent agent course module is designed to create right kind of patent professionals that can boost the facilitation of patent domain. This 8-week course is specially designed to assist aspiring candidates to crack the Patent Agent Examination-2022 and create more and more patent professionals specifically out of science graduates, engineers, technologists, advocates, CAs, CS, and professionals having science background.

Eligibility Criteria For Patent Agent Exam

Patent Agent Course Week 1

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Course Structure

Week 1

Week Of Concept

Week 2

Week Of Introduction

Week 3

Week Of Prosecution

Week 4

Week Of Defence

Week 5

Week Of Practice

Week 6

Week Of Drafting-I

Week 7

Week Of Drafting-II

Week 8

Week Of Communication

Week 9

Week Of Discussion

Course Structure

Course Mode

Course Duration

Date: 12 March, 2022 / Saturday

Date: 13 March, 2022 / Sunday

Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Course Fee

Rs. 2,500/-


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    Patent Agent Examination Answer Key

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